Saturday, February 4, 2012

      We are all searching for something to fill the hole inside. We long for that perfect love in life. So we try to find this love to fill our emptiness...something to give us life. But what we don't realize is that nothing in this world can do this. We are all born with a longing for something more than what we see offered. However, no matter how long we search, nothing is found. We are blind to anything more. But then, at that dark moment when all hope seems lost and you feel dead in yourself, you're name is called! At at that moment, you're picked up by someone greater than anything known. And as you lie in the hands of God, your eyes are opened to the awareness of your Maker. And so you lie in security as your burdens fall to the ground. You are freed from everything that was pulling you down...for He payed the price! And God places in you your worth, happiness, life, and calling. And as His grace, love, and holiness overwhelms your heart with inexpressible joy, He sets you down. But God does not walk away from His child...He takes your hand in His and walks with you. And until the day of your death, he walks with you, until that moment when you're called once again...this time, into His glorious kingdom! :)

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